1234 Nicaraguan holders of judgments against Dow Chemical, Shell and Occidental Petroleum seek to collect those judgments in France. These Nicaraguan banana workers were sterilized after repeated exposure to the chemical DCBP, a nematode pesticide which the defendant chemical companies knew to be dangerous to exposed workers when it was sold and used. Most of the Judgments were affirmed by the Supreme Court of Nicaragua and run with statutory post judgment interest which has alreadycaused the judgments to be worth in excess of 1.6 Billion U. S. dollars.

Upon having the French courts recognize the judgments for collection, assets of the chemical companies in France and the European Union will be pursued to finally bring the awaited compensation to these long suffering victims.

Who we are?

This cause on behalf of the victims of DBCP is carried by the dedicated efforts of legal counsel from Nicaragua, Florida, Louisiana and France. See the biographies of those lawyers who head each of the geographic teams.

Robert McKee has spent the largest share of his legal career in litigation on behalf of pesticide victims, including many cases against DuPont and Dow. David Brill and Robert McKee have joined efforts over the past 6 years. Both have a long term legal affiliation with Gustavo Lopez on matters relating to

Stuart H. Smith, a tenacious litigator well known for his efforts on ground pollution and radiation against oil companies, brings his decades of experience to this endeavor. He and Robert McKee have worked together for victims of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and have shared their efforts on behalf of the DBCP victims since 2004.

François-Henri Briard and his French team have sterling reputations in the entire French system of justice and are helping to forge the path to final success and compensation of these victims of DBCP who have proven their cases in court.


Robert J. McKee

McKee Law Group

Robert J. McKee has litigated against many of the world’s largest companies, including DuPont, Novartis, Basf, Exxon and BP. 
Utilizing his science education and experience, Robert specializes in toxic torts, agricultural, environmental, commercial, and complex products liability litigation. 

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David W. Brill


David W. Brill has been a member in good standing with the Florida Bar since 1992, and is admitted to practice in the following federal courts, in all of which he is also a member of good standing: The United States Supreme Court; The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit; The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit; The United States District Court of Florida, Southern District; The United States District Court of Florida, Northern District; and The United States District Court of Florida, Middle District, December 12, 2006.

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Stuart H. Smith

Cooper Law Firm

New Orleans native Stuart H. Smith has practiced law for 32 years and has built a reputation for pioneering the field of Technologically Enhanced Radioactive Material (TERM) oilfield waste litigation and achieving record verdicts for his clients. Mr. Smith devotes his casework to Mass Torts; Class Actions; Environmental Law; Toxic Torts; Litigation; Maritime Law and Personal Injuryy. Mr. Smith has appeared as a commentator on all national networks and major cable channels.

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